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IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.

GreenLiT Pure Lithium™, Inc. is a subsidiary of IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc., the global leader in highly selective separations. IBC has decades of experience designing, manufacturing and installing Molecular Recognition Technology™ (MRT™) products and systems for customers worldwide.

Experts in Selective Separations Technology

Since 1988, Molecular Recognition Technology™ (MRT™) has been used to selectively recover metals from a wide variety of solutions for numerous industrial and analytical applications. MRT™ is based on Nobel prize winning green chemistry and is distinguished by highly selective, high yield first pass recoveries.

Advantages of Molecular Recognition Technology™ (MRT™)

The target element (Li) is recovered with:

Using fewer bed volumes:

Get a free copy of MRT™: The Key to Green Recycling of Lithium-ion Batteries, a white paper written by Dr. Reed M. Izatt, one of the founders of IBC.

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