Direct Lithium to Product™ (DLP™)

Green lithium is produced with very low energy consumption: 10 kWh/kg LiOH·H2O from extraction to final product

Selective Lithium Extraction and Production

See what our customers are saying in Maricunga Lithium Project, a presentation given by SIMCO Lithium at the 15th Lithium Supply and Battery Raw Materials Conference in June of 2023.

Direct Lithium to Product™ (DLP™) vs Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE)

The following results from our large-scale DLP™ pilot plant at Salar de Maricunga in Chile speak for themselves, especially when compared to DLE technologies.

Overall Lithium Recovery

from Brine to Battery-grade LiOH·H2O

Direct Lithium to Product™ (DLP™)*


Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE)

Sustainable Green Lithium Production

Many advantages result from the high selectivity and straightforward design of our DLP™ technology. You can save money and the environment by using the green chemistry and green engineering that is built into the GreenLiT™ DLP™ process.

More Benefits of Direct Lithium to Product™ (DLP™)

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